17 Juli 2016

Durham University

Hi guys.
As I have promised, I will tell you about my overseas university. I have accepted in world top 100 University, Durham University (DU) which is located in Durham, United Kingdom. I never thought that I will be accepted by DU due to my last UNI and my GPA.
I studied in Muhammadiyah Malang University (UMM), one of private university in Malang, and my major is mathematical education. UMM is a great place to study, based on its environment and technology so that we can learn enjoyably in everyplace and get academic information with ease. Unlikely other students in state university who can imagine continuing their study, because of certain problem such as unwell distribution of academic information and fund, most students may ignorance or kinda blind from that kind of news particularly about study aboard and scholarships.
I was graduated on September 2015 with cum-laude predicate, 3.58 in GPA. I admitted that my GPA is not good enough as I do believe that many students in state university which has A accreditation who have much better GPA than me, but still I felt so blessed because of it.
People might think that it was easy to be accepted in DU, but it is not. A new friend of mine, a clever student which graduated from Airlangga University, felt so surprise when I told her that I have accepted in DU. She also be accepted in DU, and she told me that DU is such a great university in British. We both did not pass LPDP examination in batch one, however she passed it in batch two while I did not. I have not applied it yet due to my IELTS score.
I did a lot of preparation for my DU application, and I think that other university in UK will ask same condition, IELTS, transcript, bachelor certificate, referee letter, motivation letter, CV, passport, visa. If you want to apply in overseas university, prepare some money for the application fee, and it depends on subject you choose. Luckily, the subject I have chosen, Educational Assessment, did not require application fee. Base from those requirements, GPA, referee letter and motivation letter are the most important thing to prepare.
Every university require a vary GPA in each subject, however monster university such as Oxford, Cambridge, UCL may require 3.7 in GPA while others not (please check the web and correct me). My subject, Educational Assessment, in DU require at least 2:1 or over 3.5 in Indonesia, and that is the reason I felt so bless whit my GPA. You can find that GPA requirement in university web that you headed. Thing I like when I applied for my post graduate in DU is I can contact the students admission directly through email on university web.
Referee letter is the second important thing in my opinion. You should select a referee who knows you well whether in your academic, professional capacity etc. and the most crucial thing is ask them to write a brief overall endorsement of you, including your skill, personality, intellectual and ability to complete demanding academic programme. A brief endorsement will give more attraction for the student admission.
The last important requirements are motivation letter. Motivation latter contain of reason for taking particular subject in that university. It is not harm for being brave in the beginning of motivation letter.
My name is Selly Anggraeni, a fresh graduate from University of Muhammadiyah Malang (one of university in Indonesia which base on technology) with cum laude predicate (GPA 3.58 scale 4.00).
There is a saying that “Diamonds are made under pressure. So, if you are feeling pressure today, you are about to shine!” and that is what I felt within the last three years. Pressure and that pressures will lead me to succsess.
However, do not too over react then you have nothing mean on your motivation letter. In addition, put your relevant experience in your motivation letter. Your experience will be the basic of your background to select the program you choose.
After you complete your requirement, do not forget to check you IELTS or English score. Even though, you have received LoA or LoO from the university and your English score fails to meet the eligibility criteria for the university, it means that you will not allowed to join or bagged degree from that university. Reaching a good score in English test is not easy as many people thought. I got 6 for my IELTS, and I need 7 to accomplish my English language requirement. As I have told you before, each university has their own eligibility criteria to pass so please check the university that you aim.
Well, I will give you a bonus. If you want to know how LoA look like, so this is my LoA.

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28 April 2016

Pasca-Graduated (Part One)

It is been a while for me to not write a note here, and I decided to share a bit of my story. Please do not feel hesitate to write your comment below.
What I want to tell is about my pasca-graduate experience. Well, I have graduated from Univeristy of Muhammadiyah Malang in September 2015. Continuing my study in Post Graduate (PG) is one of my achievement and that is my reason to apply in one of university in Malang. There are two things that I did in my pasca-graduate time, (1) applying for PG and (2) looking for schoolar. Hey, who do not want to get higher education for free?
LPDP is my first target, so I applied it. I prepared all the files which I needed. In short, I passed the administrative selection and went to the next step, interview, LGD (Leadership Group Discussion) and on the spot essay. Mostly, we did it in two days but there are also some of us who got it in one day. The first day of my second test, I had on the spot essay and LGD respectively and the next day, I got interview.
Well, I failed to join LPDP. However, it is not the main thing in this story. In this case, I want to share a clue about how to pass LPDP. Even I do not know while it will work or not but at least you can improve your skill to get it works, so let’s start it from on the spot essay.
Writing an essay is not an easy thing to do, nevertheless if you have tried IELTS test and get high score on your writing, I think it will give much help on your on the spot essay. The first thing you should do is elaborate or define the problem. Second, give pro and contra about the problem. Third, explain in which side you are and the last step is give conclution and solution. Remember, use general opinion. I mean that it will make a weak statement if you use yourself opinion.
LGD is the second most challenging test in this case due to you have to be able to control your emotion and say the right thing in the right time. Well, a bit complicated actually. Rule number one, do not ever blame our goverment. Maybe you can, but you should say it right. Saying something like “goverment has done a great thing with establish the rule in the city. However, I think it will be more successful rule if they give another opportunities to ... and as a result we can derive ... which is ...” will make things much better than this one “I disagree when goverment tried to dispose red market management because ...”. Rule number two, do not dominate the group. Dominating group shows that you are so selfish, etc. Stay calm, appreciate other opinion, and acknowledge if you are wrong and give solution.
Interview. I do believe that it is a terrifying thing in every step of selection. There are three interviewer, academic, psychology, and culture interviewer (they are my interviewer). In this point just be yourself, keep humble, do not too overwhelming and for sure do not lie because interviewer has known you from your CV and essay. Last touch is keep smile and polite.
That is all about LPDP, my first target for schoolarship, and I failed.
Next charp is about my next step for another University aboard. Stay on vibe!
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1 Januari 2015

1 Januari 2015

Tentu mudah bagiNya menyatukan dua belahan menjadi satu dan pasti mudah bagiNya untuk mempertemukan aku denganya di waktu yang tepat. Kutahu satu persatu impianku pasti terwujud. J
Sudah banyak dan terkadang lelah mendengar omongan orang tentang siapa dia, dia yang akan menjadi pasanganku jika aku terus berpegang pada prinsip ini. Namun, aku yakin jika hal ini akan berbuah manis. Mungkin memakan waktu, tapi siapa tahu dia akan datang dengan cepat jika Allah berkehendak? Semua ada padaNya.
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13 November 2014

Bandingkan dengan Ini dan Renungkan

Punya masalah? Segedhe apa masalahmu?
Silakan hubungi nomor 08578516****, menyelesaikan masalah tanpa solusi :p hhehe.

Yup, tema kita kali ini adalah “PROBLEM”, sebesar apa sih masalah kalian? Yuk, kita sharing disini. J
Akhir-akhir ini, aku sering banget tontonin TED x di youtube (saking nganggurnya orang dan ndag tau apa yang mau dikerjain). Tom Thum, seorang beatbox asal Brisbon adalah performer pertama yang aku tonton di TED x. Awal nonton langsung ngaplo liat bakat yang dia tampilin, aku pikir dia bakal makan itu microphone dan ternyata dia ngebeatbox. Semenjak itu langsung kepoin terus si TED x.
Kupikir si TED x cuman nampilin orang-orang yang jago kayak gitu, tapi aku salah. Ada banyak orang yang membuat kita lebih lapang dan sabar menghadapi kehidupan yang kita pikir memiliki problem yang  sangat besar. Mereka mampu bertahan dengan kekuatan yang mereka miliki dan tahukah kalian dari mana asal kekuatan itu? Kekurangan mereka! Dan beberapa dari mereka akan aku tuliskan disini.
1.      Lizzie Velasquez
Seorang wanita yang menderita syndrom Progeroid Neonatal, yakni percepatan penuaan yang setidaknya tidak berpengaruh terhadap bagian tulang, organ dan Gigi. Kemudian apa hebatnya dengan Lizzie? Dia hebat dengan fisik yang dia miliki. Dia hebat dengan tekanan batin yang dia miliki, dan dia hebat dengan keberanian yang dia miliki.
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7 Oktober 2014

10 Tahun Lagi

 Sekarang kami pada sibuk dengan urusan masing-masing, kami dalam konteks ini teman-teman yang selalu support aku :* big kiss for u. Kami yang bentar lagi lulus, sibuk dengan urusan kampus dan masa depan kami. Wajar jika kami sekarang jarang sekali bertemu. Ditambah dengan rumah atau tempat kos kami yang jauh dan pasti beberapa diantara kami bersekolah di univ yang beda. Dua dari beberapa teman dekatpun juga akan menikah, tapi dengan waktu yang berbeda. Sabtu esok dan januari tahun 2015 (insyaAllah, semoga dia dimudahkan :) ). Kuberikan doaku yang terbaik untuk kalian.
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20 Agustus 2014


Pertanyaan kali ini mengenai cara membuat link sumber. Silakan ikuti langkah berikut ini :
1.      Setelah membuat suatu postingan, letakkan krusor pada bagian bawah postingan dan klik add or remove link pada menu di atas body post.

2.      Setelah meng-klik tombol link maka akan muncul kotak dialog baru.

3.      Silahkan press OK, maka akan muncul link sumber sepperti berikut :

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